New additions to the family

New additions to the family include; e734808 / e721045 10mL, e24690 / eP0372 1.0mL, e725590 500uL 30mm, e18857 5mL, 203530 250uL 30mm, 201720 50uL, 90655 100uL and 17596 1mL syringes.
They fit V6 Versa, Cavro / Tecan, Vital Selectra, Hook & Tucker Zenyx diluters/dilutors and others.

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Terrifying and Fascinating Predictions

Predictions made in 2012 for the next 100 years. This infographic was made by the BBC, they own and control all rights to this image.

Find out more about this infographic at the BBC.

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Counterfeit drugs kill 100,000 people each year

In a new article from LillyPad and PharmaPhorum, Bill Reid exposes the results of counterfeit drugs in the world. Each year, 100,000 people die because of fake drugs; and it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of the global drug supply is fake.

“According to a recent report by the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy (ASOP) EU, criminals making falsified medicines in Europe generate sales of more than €1.4 billion each year – and that may be a conservative figure.

“The World Economic Forum estimated that counterfeit drug sales generated approximately €150 billion worldwide in 2011.” – Bill Reid

There are relatively small penalties for criminals trafficking counterfeit medicine, but huge potential profits. Prosecuting criminals in this trade is difficult because the crime crosses many international borders. Online pharmacies have intensified the problem, allowing suppliers to send fake medicine directly to patients.

Read more for the EU’s proposed plan.

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Press Release: esyringe® Celebrates Expansion in Life Sciences Sector

esyringe® is proud to announce the addition of SGE Analytical Science’s product lines. Biomedical syringes and consumables for most analyzers, new and discontinued, can be found at

Washington State, USA (Press Release at PRWeb) June 24, 2013

esyringe.comesyringe® is working with SGE’s product lines to make it easier than ever for laboratories to purchase syringes for their analyzers. These additional syringes and consumables have filled out the company’s biomedical product lines to provide replacement syringes for most analyzers, new and discontinued, at

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Mark Gascon, Vice President of Sales at esyringe®. “The healthcare field is changing quickly and our company now offers the very best in life sciences including biology, microbiology, medicine, anthropology and ecology.” Now offering eVol®, XCHANGE™, NanoVolume, MEPS® and jumbo syringes.

Your laboratory analyzer, diluter and pipettor can be kept in top shape with the highest quality syringes, needles and consumables at All supplies at esyringe® have been tested and designed to ensure long life and precision results in your laboratory.

esyringe® is now supplying consumables for specific uses, such as NanoVolume and Jumbo syringes. NanoVolume syringes can accurately measure and test volumes as low as 0.05µL (50nL). Jumbo syringes can contain as much as 2 Liters. To accurately dispense liquid from a 0.5µL syringe, the plunger extends into the tip of the needle and has minimal carryover. Searching for syringes of these sizes and more is possible through esyringe®’s intuitive shopping navigation.

In addition, the eVol® digitally controlled syringe with full line of automated syringes can be found at This technological advance revolutionizes lab processes – speeding up work flow and improving accuracy between technicians. Independent of the user’s skill, the eVol®’s programmable drive accurately and precisely dispenses liquids.

eVol® revolutionizes lab processes – speeding up work flow and improving accuracy between technicians.

XCHANGE™ technology makes changing syringes simple, quick. And the eVol® is the first user calibrated analytical syringe – no need to send it back to the dealer for recalibration. eVol® was also specialized for MEPS®, which performs the same function as SPE, the purification and speciation of samples, but with the advantage that MEPS® works with much smaller samples (as small as 3.6µL). Not only that, but eVol® works well with NMR sample prep, allowing for recovery of precious samples from NMR tubes and ‘in tube’ sample dilution and mixing.

esyringe® is based in the Pacific Northwest and specializes in replacement syringes for medical and industrial analyzers, diluters, eVol® and testers. Can ship to most international addresses. For more information please visit

Mark Gascon, Vice President of Sales
(360) 384-4254 x5
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Mount Etna lava rocks causing manganism

With new technology comes testing previous suppositions.


Example of solidified lava fragment analyzed for the study (Source)

This time, scientists have found that Mount Etna’s lava stones may be leaching manganese into the Sicilian drinking water.

The symptoms of manganism and Parkinson’s disease are similar: tremors, impaired motor skills, rigidity and more. The number of Parkinson’s sufferers around Mount Etna has been high enough to stump doctors’ explanations. Manganism might be the answer.

Lava rocks from Mount Etna were recently tested with x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). XPS allowed scientists to study the composition of the rock bellow the surface by a few nanometers. Water samples also showed dangerously high levels of manganese; this will, over time, cause manganism.

Read more.

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First-ever high-res pictures of molecules reforming chemical bonds

Scientists at Berkeley Lab weren’t setting out to take beautiful pictures of molecules breaking and reforming chemical bonds, this just happened to be a surprising side benefit of trying to cause the reactions (Source).

“‘Nobody has ever taken direct, single-bond-resolved images of individual molecules, right before and immediately after a complex organic reaction,’ Fischer”, a staff scientist in Berkeley Lab and professor at the University of California – Berkeley, said (Source).

These images improve scientists’ understanding of chemical reactions and will continue to do so in the future as technologies advance.

Continue reading.

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