Counterfeit drugs kill 100,000 people each year

In a new article from LillyPad and PharmaPhorum, Bill Reid exposes the results of counterfeit drugs in the world. Each year, 100,000 people die because of fake drugs; and it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of the global drug supply is fake.

“According to a recent report by the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy (ASOP) EU, criminals making falsified medicines in Europe generate sales of more than €1.4 billion each year – and that may be a conservative figure.

“The World Economic Forum estimated that counterfeit drug sales generated approximately €150 billion worldwide in 2011.” – Bill Reid

There are relatively small penalties for criminals trafficking counterfeit medicine, but huge potential profits. Prosecuting criminals in this trade is difficult because the crime crosses many international borders. Online pharmacies have intensified the problem, allowing suppliers to send fake medicine directly to patients.

Read more for the EU’s proposed plan.

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