Lots of book learnin’ happenin’ at esyringe®. I’ve read so much about SEO and landing pages this week, it’s so ‘diculous, it’s ridiculous (does that joke work in writing? I know it’s a funny pun when spoken – oh well, hopefully you’ve figured it out).

This is what I’ve learned in the past five minutes:

How Users Read on the Web:

They don’t.

– Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen

It’s interesting writing for an audience that has a thousand messages coming at them everyday. No “marketese” (i.e., marketing fluff) is going to get them to stick around if they can’t learn about your product quickly and efficiently.

But it’s also interesting that I’m writing a blog that has to do with our family business without the worry that no one will take the time to read it. I’m fine with that – in fact, writing for an audience of just a few is much easier than thinking of the hundreds that hit the webstore each day.

When I look at REI or Adorama, I don’t think of who has written the copy or who thought of the way it should look, I just find what I want and barely appreciate the aesthetics of the site.

How do you feel about websites? Do you think about and appreciate good design or well written copy?

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