Are robots taking over?

TED Talks are incredible. And there is no way I can do this video justice by writing about it. So I recommend watching it.

I came across this video in an article written here. The author of that article, C.G. Masi, made a good point:

…it’s so far been impossible to clearly identify anything humans do that can’t be simulated in a robot. Unless and until that’s done, we’re forced to assume anything humans do can be done by a robot. Ergo, no job humans do is safe from automation.

There is, however, one important difference between humans and automated systems: we design them, not the other way around. Humans decide “Hey, it would be great to have an automated system to do X.” Then, because a human did that, an automated system to do X comes into existence. Without the human, however, progress stops because there’s nobody to want it to continue.

Because C.G. Masi makes a very different point from the one in the made by Andrew McAfee in his TED Talk, I recommend that you watch the video!

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