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Daily reporting is starting up at esyringe.

My boss wants a report on everyday, starting today. The website is set up for Google Analytics (GA). But how to use it…

GA offers a ton of tools and a ton of data. It even converts some of that data into charts and graphs that are more understandable. But we are still looking at pages per view, % new visitors, traffic source, etc. and don’t know quite how to interpret it. People who bounce off the website from one page view may not actually need our product, or they might find the website extremely ugly. There is no way to know without asking directly.

Why do some people find our website and purchase while others find it and turn tail?

I’m sure we could pay some expensive firm whose got it all figured out and they’d give us some answer. But can you really know?

About life at esyringe

Life at esyringe is about the inner workings of a small business based in Washington State. Get a good laugh or some introspection at The company sells syringes online, hence 'esyringe'. No, not syringes you would put in a vein, but syringes that go into larger machines for analyzing blood and chemical compounds.
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