Efficiency and Money

A BBC article by Michael Blastland recently focused on whether our drive for efficiency really leads to more money. His example utilizes the technology world, where improvements are made to computers that allow us to do twice as much for half the price.

His final argument delves into healthcare spending. This is a bit of a stretch, but here is a portion of his thoughts on healthcare and computers:

More like computers, we might want more healthcare as the technological possibilities and treatments grow.

Also like computers, we might be influenced by trends that stretch the definition of healthcare – for more cosmetic procedures, maybe, or the optimum state of physical and mental well being, or elective caesareans. Like computers, health might be what we want to spend more money on if our incomes grow. Like computers, health might simply matter to us more.

You might say that this would be foolish, a waste, and certainly no business of the state’s to pay for it. You could say the same about computers, though it would be a brave politician who told the world that much of that extra hard/software was stupid and, by the way, you could manage with a cheaper phone – even if true.

I recommend reading the article. Then let me know what you think.


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