Marketing and Science

A very interesting commercial came to my attention. It’s from BASF, a company that has made an interesting point about chemicals. Take a look:

The company presents the idea that they are helping the community in many ways, several unknown to the layman. I’m sure we could dig out many controversial issues here, but the main point of this commercial is a change in identity.

The company is making a strong effort to change its image from an evil, environment-destroying, chemical plant through some excellent marketing videos. Just do another YouTube search and you will find a few other videos from BASF explaining who they are.

I am quite impressed by the company’s videos, but believe that they will get nowhere at this point in time. The general U.S. populations’ perspective on any chemical that alters the planet is still negative. You’ll also notice that not many people have viewed this commercial on YouTube.

A video on creating a livable planet in forty years was recently added by BASF:

Quite an interesting company doing an excellent job with creating marketing materials, but maybe not doing a great job at making this marketing information known. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t hired by anyone to get these videos out there, I just thought that a company in a controversial industry making a big change to its image was fascinating.


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