Jingle Bell Run

I forgot to mention that on December 10th, a friend and I ran the 5K Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation!

Jingle Bell Run Picture

Picture taken at the Bellingham Jingle Bell Run. I don’t really have permission to post this picture because it’s from someone’s Picasa Album — don’t tell on me. Okay, yes, I forgot to bring a camera to the run!

It was a lot of fun. This was my first 5K (3.1 miles) and I did it in 40 minutes! Quite an accomplishment for me. I ran with a friend who was willing to sign up with the esyringe team, but had a hard time convincing anyone at the company (and elsewhere) to run or walk the Jingle Bell Run.

Oh, well.

If you would like to donate to the Arthritis Foundation through the esyringe page go here and enter the amount you would like to give. Or go here to the Arthritis Foundation page.


About life at esyringe

Life at esyringe is about the inner workings of a small business based in Washington State. Get a good laugh or some introspection at lifeatesyringe.wordpress.com The company sells syringes online, hence 'esyringe'. No, not syringes you would put in a vein, but syringes that go into larger machines for analyzing blood and chemical compounds.
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