Interwebs and the Environment

esyringe recently downgraded its internet speed. This was meant to be mostly unnoticed, but considering I’m the website/blog/everything-having-to-do-with-the-internet person, I have noticed the difference. My minimum number of tabs at any one time is eight.

Again, I have noticed the slow-down.

But I will survive. And, while this is a cost-saving method, reducing internet speed is one of those things that will not actually help the environment (I’m not saying that we only do things that will help the environment, but it is certainly a consideration in our decisions).

I think many people (including me) think most things that inconvenience us are also something that will help the environment. This, as proven by the internet, is untrue. Of course, certain things, like recycling and composting, become automatic and routine.

Now when I’m at someone else’s house I get a little worried when I can’t find the three other paper bags besides the plastic trash can for my paper, cans/bottles and compost.

It’s funny how two years ago, I smirked at the thought of walking five extra feet to recycle a bottle and now I will put one in my bag until I get home to make sure it’s recycled. Even turning off the lights or shutting the door quickly on cold days (which saves on the power bill and the amount of electricity that needs to be generated for my household) has become second nature.

Environmental friendliness does not require inconvenience.

This is life at esyringe.


About life at esyringe

Life at esyringe is about the inner workings of a small business based in Washington State. Get a good laugh or some introspection at The company sells syringes online, hence 'esyringe'. No, not syringes you would put in a vein, but syringes that go into larger machines for analyzing blood and chemical compounds.
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