Green Movement

And yes, I do mean that kind of green. Many companies, universities, and individuals are trying to be ‘green’ and sustainable. Well, so is esyringe. What this means is using florescent lighting, using paperless methods such as emailing invoices rather than mailing them, and biking around instead of driving. These are choices made by the individual that have a greater impact on those around us than we realize. 
esyringe isn’t the epitome of sustainable operations, but we are in a constant state of change: moving toward green. I hope the ease of changing for sustainability encourages many.
This is life at esyringe.

About life at esyringe

Life at esyringe is about the inner workings of a small business based in Washington State. Get a good laugh or some introspection at The company sells syringes online, hence 'esyringe'. No, not syringes you would put in a vein, but syringes that go into larger machines for analyzing blood and chemical compounds.
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